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  1. afloat assembly 2020: The Liminal State of the Ocean is a homage to the symbolic and literal state of transition, emerging from the state of the oceans as a place of in-between. Mapping the qualities of a position in flux - neither one nor the other - this year's edition considers the coexistence of otherwise antagonistic concepts in an oceanic context such as nature and culture, human and non-human, land and sea, periphery and centre. It aims to consider new forms of engagements from and with the ocean, particularly in times of our ecological crisis.

    During the journey from Hamburg to Flensburg in August 2020, various public formats will be presented, exploring the oceans as they connect us in an increasingly divided world. A programme open to the public - in the form of conversations, screenings, readings, performances and exhibitions - will take place both, at external platforms, on the sailing boat and in the form of virtual manifestations.